About Us

Welcome to Greater than my PR!

In case you haven’t heard of us, GtmPR is the fitness apparel brand, based in Houston, TX, that combines quality designs with functional gear.

GtmPR comes to Life

When we started GtmPR, we had one goal in mind, to provide the local fitness community with quality shirt designs. The only way to get a cool shirt was to buy it online and pay for shipping. One and a half years ago GtmPR made its official debut at one of the larger competitions in the Houston area, Oktoberfest Obliteration. We had a table, a tent and 3 initial designs: WOD Destroyer, Loading Beast Mode and our Spine shirt which is still our most popular design to date.

After the initial competition, GtmPR started making its way around to other local competitions where we found that our designs were being very well received and many of our fans asked us if our shirts could be found online. That’s when our online shop was born.

Since then we have grown to over 15+ designs, and expanded into other garments outside of t-shirts. Our fan base has grown exponentially on Facebook and Instagram and we have built great relationships with like-minded athletes who love. Our goal is to spread our designs and message to fellow athletes nationwide, and beyond.