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Krystal Gage Climbs aboard Team GtmPR


Krystal Gage Rope Climb


We're very happy to welcome Krystal Gage to Team GtmPR. It's been a long time coming, hasn't it Krystal? We've had the opportunity to watch her compete on numerous occasions and stand atop the podium with Team GtmPR athlete Elyse Dobrick. Krystal is a very well rounded athlete with a great deal of strength who believes more in doing hard work than she believes in PRs. Not to say that she doesn't love getting new PRs, but she believes the work that's put in behind the scenes is what matters most.

Krystal's CrossFit® journey began 3.5 years ago as a favor to a friend who was preparing for the Marine Corps PFT. Her friend needed someone to go with her and keep her accountable. A fact that speaks volumes about the type of person Krystal is: willing to go the extra mile for a friend or a teammate. On her visit to a CrossFit® box she found her first workout to be quite...laborious, to say the least. Holding her friend accountable, the realization of progress and the continued difficulty in every workout was what kept her coming back. She was hooked, not to the workouts, rather the feeling of progress and change not only physically, but mentally.

"A stubborn athlete." is how Krystal's friends would describe her. One who doesn't know when to quit during a WOD, or better yet, one who doesn't know how to quit. She feels success comes in many forms and cannot always be measured quantitatively as PRs are. For instance, remaining positive and mentally strong on days where nothing seems to go right is one form of success. Positively influencing others around her is another. Competing and placing first is yet another form of success, one which Krystal is all too familiar with. With that in mind, her primary goal is to continue to better her skills every time she walks into a box.

When asked what Greater than my PR meant to her she said:

GtmPR means that we should strive to be more than the numbers you put on the board. It's not just about how much I can lift or how fast I can move. It's about how I got to where I am.

The road you travel to reach your goals is just as important as reaching them, if not more. Well said Krystal. Welcome to Team GtmPR.


Just a few extras about this awesome athlete


Pistols and Squats



Favorite movements

OHS and Pistols

Least favorite movements

C2B Pull-ups

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