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We first Saw Ruben Martinez at the H-Town Throwdown in Houston, TX in 2013. The first thing we noticed about him were his colorful socks, but the second thing we noticed was his ability to move through body weight movements and his tenacity to lift some heavy weight. We could tell right away that this kid had something special. So we kept our eye on his progress. And we had the privilege to watch him just this past year finish in 8th place at the South Super Regional.

At age 21 and only 3 years of CrossFit® under his belt he has a lot of time to grow and achieve his goal of getting to Carson, CA as a Games athlete. Ruben played baseball at the high school level, but realized that it wasn't what he wanted to be doing and eventually stumbled upon Fran via the main CrossFit® website for his first WOD. Something clicked and he was hooked. He loved the intensity and the fact that his time and result in the workout was based solely on his performance.

Ruben's drive and passion for the sport help him inspire the people around him. Inspiring people comes easiest to him when he competes because his passion is displayed and it brings his best performances out of him. Competition pushes him past limits he, himself, thought he had. He told us that he considers himself a well rounded athlete in the sport of fitness. Not great at any one thing, but very good at most things.

When asked what Greater than my PR meant to him he said:

I am the sum of all of my parts. What I mean is that I am all of the hard work, I am all of the dedication and I am all of the failures that lead me to be Greater.

We agree Ruben. Without all of that we would never be better than we were. Welcome to Team GtmPR.


Just a few extras about this awesome athlete


Being good at most movements


HSPU and Deadlifts

Favorite movements


Least favorite movements

Heavy Deadlifts

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