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Matt Morton new scholastic and athletic success early on in high school by graduating as the valedictorian and earning 1st team all-district in two sports: baseball and football. He knew in his heart that at a minimum he would earn a scholarship to play football at the highest collegiate level, but many nay-sayers thought otherwise. They told him to lower his expectations because he did not possess the size, speed, strength nor skill to play at that level. Instead of listening to them and giving up, he pushed himself even more and raised his own expectations of his abilities. Although he didn't earn a scholarship right away, Matt walked on to the Iowa State Football Program. He made his way through the ranks with his stubbornness and work ethic and eventually earned that scholarship along with a starting spot. Matt approaches all of his workouts with this same stubbornness and work ethic. He has an "underdog" mentality, where he feels like he's always got something to prove.

So besides Matt's successful career in sports, what sets him apart from other competitors? It could be by the way he measures success. He does so by perfecting the things he can control: effort, attitude and consistency. It could be that all to frequently other athletes approach him after watching him compete and say: "You just don't get tired, do you?" A testament to Matt's inabillty to quit. Obviously, he get's tired, but in his mind that's no reason to stop moving. To quit, would be to undo and dishonor the work and training he put in to get to where he is. Matt loves to compete because it brings out the best in him as an athlete and he loves to be surrounded by other like-minded people.

"A freaking monster" is how Matt's friends would describe him. He wasn't always a "monster" though. He's had to work extremely hard to get to the level he is currently at. I mean, it was only a year and a half ago he found CrossFit® through a friend of his. He was immediately drawn to the intensity of the workouts and the camaraderie of the community. Matt has his heart set on getting to the South Regional in 2016 and he knows there's a lot of work to be done, but he welcomes the challenge with open arms.

When asked what Greater than my PR meant to him he said:

It's an attitude one has to have to never give up, never give in and never be satisfied with one's current progress.

Too true good sir. Too true.. Welcome to Team GtmPR.


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