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Lindsay Bell joins Team GtmPR



A high school biology/chemistry teacher by day and a hard-working CrossFit® athlete by...well, at all other times, has just signed with GtmPR. Lindsay Bell has worked hard to achieve her goals from an early age. She was a three time All-American Softball player at the University of Tennessee and even after she graduated she continued her success as a softball player by playing on the US Women’s National Softball Team and also at a professional level with the Chicago Bandits.

Her will to succeed and outwork her opponents is what earned her a spot on Team GtmPR. She has only known success because she understands the work and dedication that is required to get it. Failure has never been an option for Lindsay, and once she sets her sights on a goal there is nothing that can stop her from achieving it. Just this year she made a splash on the leaderboards in the 2015 CrossFit® Open in the South Central region with a 43rd place finish. She even took 4th place in the region on WOD 3 which consisted of OH Squats and Chest to Bar Pullups, with 316 total reps.

At first, CrossFit® was just another outlet for exercise until she was convinced to try a competition by one of her peers. The moment she started her first WOD and was up against other athletes who wanted to outperform her, a switch was turned on. There was no turning back and the only thing she wanted to do was beat those competitors and all competitors from that moment forward. Since then her desire to win has become insatiable and she has set her sights on a new goal: make it to the Games with her team from CrossFit® PRx.

When asked what Greater than my PR meant to her she said:

A PR is a measurable goal and a way to prove your progress. And progress is what it is all about.

Right you are Lindsay. Welcome to Team GtmPR.


Just a few extras about this awesome athlete


Body weight movements


Over head lifts

Favorite movements

Chest to bar Pullups

Least favorite movements

Shoulder to over head

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