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World War Fit Qualifier 01


Competition day weather: Overcast with a strong possibility for rain.
Competition day venue: CrossFit® 190 - part box, part refrigerator. Ha! Amazing AC unit and a serious sound system for some tunes during tough workouts.

The Workouts:

WOD 1: 8 minute AMRAP - 15 wall balls, 12 T2B, 9 deadlifts
WOD 2: 400m run, 10-1 C&J, 1-10 Burpee Box Jumps
WOD 3 “Finals”: 21 HSPU/Front Squats, 15 HSPU/Thrusters, 9 HSPU/Clusters

Swann’s Strong Performance

Having registered for the World War Fit qualifiers at the last minute, Swann didn’t get a chance to run through the workouts beforehand like the majority of his competitors. His only help was that he was in the last of 3 RX men’s heats. This allowed him to see a few different strategies and formulate his own in a brief conversation with his newly appointed “manager”/roommate and his biggest fan/biggest critic/girlfriend.

"My plan is to just keep moving the entire time and whatever I end up with will be what I got."

Going into the first workout, Swann was focused and ready. I asked him how many rounds he was shooting for in this AMRAP, to which he responded, “I’m not really sure. My plan is to just keep moving the entire time and whatever I end up with will be what I got.” At first glance, a rather simplistic response, but when I thought about it more I realized it was loaded with meaning that defined him as a competitor. He wouldn’t worry about the outcome, he’d only give a 100% effort. The things that were out of his control did not matter. This response and it’s corresponding attitude were the reason for his cool and collected demeanor before each WOD.

Swann proceeded to have an outstanding showing in each event which would be good enough for a second place podium finish. There was a bit of a buzz about him throughout the day and at one point I saw a spectator point to him and tell another spectator, “Watch that guy. He’s a bad ass.” True enough good sir. True enough.

If they didn’t know him before, they know him now. Great job Swann and thank you for representing GtmPR so well. You’re a class act with a very bright future.
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