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North Texas Throwdown



With some reluctance, since we had all recently competed in the ETX Games, we decided to put a team of four guys together for the North Texas Throwdown. This group had never trained together previously, but we were all on the same page about why we would enter a competition, and that was to win. We all knew that second place wouldn't quite do. On the day of the competition, we arrived at the venue relaxed and ready to perform to our full capacity.


We were divided into two teams with Brody and Matt on one and Grant and I on the other. The workout consisted of each team completing a 9 minute AMRAP of an ascending ladder of power snatches and burpee over the bar. Our strategy for this event was a bit different than the other teams. Instead of deciding how to break up reps we decided to compete against each other by seeing who could get the most amount of reps within our team. As far as strategies go, this one was far from normal, but it worked for us because team Greater than my PR took first place in the event by 3 reps. Winning this event was exactly what we needed to boost our confidence going into a workout we were already looking forward to.


This WOD consisted of each team member completing the rep scheme 21-15-9 of kettlebell swings at 70 pounds and toes to bar in a “follow the leader” style. With any remaining time of the 9 minutes given to complete the WOD, the team could perform as many bar muscle ups, chest to bar pull ups, or pull ups, which were worth four, two, and one points respectively, in order to acquire a maximum score. After creating Matt’s newly trademarked “Conga Line of Destruction”, team Greater Than My PR was able to quickly transition from athlete to athlete and rack up a score that was 90 points greater than second place, securing another first place victory and a spot in the finals.


We thought Team GtmPR had all but secured our top podium spot going into the finals with our point lead, but there was a bit of an unorthodox twist to how they were going to find their winning team. However, we were then informed that the top eight teams would be competing in a three part, elimination style, winner-take-all final.


WOD: 500 double-unders for time

No problem here. After only five sets of double-unders we got a second place finish which was more than good enough to move us into part 2.


WOD: 6 minutes to find a 1 rep max Clean & Jerk

As we looked around at the other five qualifying teams, calling us the smaller team was an understatement, but we decided to just have some fun with the lifts and go for broke. Grant and I became concerned as we warmed up our clean and jerks because our technique was a bit rusty, but our two teammates were ready to lift. Matt and Brody were feeling it and Brody even managed to hit a 15 pound PR at 260 pounds. Five and a half minutes in Grant, Matt, and I had successfully completed a 290 pound clean and jerk while Brody was sitting on a completed 260# C&J with two failed attempts at 275 pounds. With the team down by 5 pounds and only 30 seconds left, Brody decided to give the 275 pound clean and jerk one more attempt. He made the clean as Grant and I cheered him on and Matt willed him to push the weight overhead with an intense stare. The intense stare must have worked because Brody successfully hit another 15 pound PR, which moved us into the third part of the finals by 10 pounds.

PART 3 - Fight Gone Bad on Crack

WOD: 2 minute stations of calorie row, 30" box jumps, 25lb wall balls, 275# deadlifts. Each member works out at each station once for max reps. Score is total reps by team.

With our adrenaline pumping, we knew we had no other choice but to win this competition as we planned from the start. After a quick prayer and some motivating words, as we did before every workout, we started the final part in a strategic order so that each athlete finished at their strongest station. At the end of the eight minutes, all four of us collapsed immediately showing that we had nothing left in the tank. We were unsure of how we finished and at the time it didn't even matter, but we knew that we had done all that we could and pushed ourselves to our limits and beyond. In the midst of catching our breath and regaining energy, the announcement came that team Greater Than My PR had won the event and took first place overall. All in all this was a great experience with an even greater group of guys and if this competition showed me anything it's that we are all capable of being Greater than we thought.

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