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Richard Andrews



After coming so close in 2014, his unparalleled drive and dedication catapulted him into the 2015 South Regional where he delivered a solid performance and placed 30th. What sets Rich apart from the majority of CrossFitters is his inordinately high threshold for pain. Where most would take pause or rest, he relentlessly pushes through. His fight and will to win is unrivaled although he doesn't shy away from defeat because it only makes him want to work harder. The only way he measures his success now is by his CrossFit® Open and Regional placement. As is the goal of every competitive CrossFit® athlete, he intends to make it to Carson, CA for the games in 2016.

When we asked Rich what Greater than my PR, meant to him, he said:

“I'm not great at anything. I'm good at everything, but not great. There is
always room for improvement and I'm always striving to be greater.”

Rich found CrossFit® 5 years ago while still a student in college on a recommendation from his roommate, and I found Rich 4 years ago on a soccer field. He was fit, agile, able and possessed a solid touch (soccer term for ability on the ball). Shortly thereafter, I learned he was also an avid CrossFitter, but what I didn't realize was that he was an aspiring Regional/Games athlete.

A few years and a few soccer seasons later I called Rich & pitched him an idea. We spoke for the better part of an hour while I explained my thoughts on starting a Fitness apparel brand. He was supportive from the start and encouraged the idea. He even offered to wear one of our shirts in an upcoming competition that very weekend. Needless to say, we put him in the very first Greater than my PR shirt. See below.

It is our pleasure to introduce him as our very first sponsored athlete. Welcome to Team GtmPR Rich!


Just a few extras about this awesome athlete


Chipper WODs


Sprint WODs

Favorite movements

Snatch & Handstand Push-ups

Least favorite movements


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