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Joshua Swann

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His passion to win coupled with his obsession to improve are what earned him a spot on Team GtmPR. Joshua Swann lives for the adrenaline rush that comes with competing and his only relief comes when he's standing atop the podium. He doesn't simply test his limits while training, he smashes through them like a battering ram and come competition time, he's ready.

Swann started CrossFit® 3 years ago in his collegiate baseball offseason as a means to stay in shape for the following season. With competitiveness engrained in his DNA and a chance to compete in every workout, whether with peers or himself, he found the outlet he had been looking for outside of baseball. He measures his success by looking back and seeing how far he’s come.

When asked what it meant to be Greater than my PR, he responded:

“Always strive for more and have an insatiable thirst for reaching goals. Success only makes me hungrier.”

True enough, Swann. We get it. Welcome to Team GtmPR.


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