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Elyse Dobrick

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Her drive, focus, determination, positive and humble attitude have landed Elyse Dobrick on Team GtmPR. We noticed her intensity and her will to win from the 1st time we saw her compete. She has a background in swimming which translated into a relentless motor she now uses for CrossFit®. Pair that with the mental toughness of a Spartan Warrior and you will begin to understand the type of athlete she is.

Elyse started CrossFit® 3 years ago when she found CrossFit® Beaumont with a Google search. After attending a free Saturday class, she was hooked. The "constantly varied" part of CrossFit® has kept her coming back. Since her start in 2012, she has been hitting PRs and accomplishing feats she never thought possible for herself. Her competitiveness and resilience drove her to a 111th place finish in the 2015 CrossFit® Open in the South Central Region.

The newest member of Team GtmPR understands what it means to be Greater than my PR. In her own words:

"Train hard. Perform harder. Be better than my best."

We feel privileged that Elyse has chosen to team up with us and we're anticipating big things from her in this upcoming competition season.


Just a few extras about this awesome athlete


Mental toughness, Good motor, Ability to move heavy weights quickly


Overhead movements, Muscle-ups, Handstand Push-ups, Handstand walks

Favorite movements

Clean & Double Unders

Least favorite movements

Handstand Push-ups & Burpees (of course)

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