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GtmPR's First Photo Shoot


Get a glimpse of our first photo shoot in this behind-the-scenes time lapse video

Greater than my PR's very first photo shoot took place a couple of weeks ago and it was a successful one. It was an all-around collaborative effort by the team. There's much prep work that takes place behind the scenes before a shoot can even happen that most people might not consider. There's setting up the studio, planning the wardrobe, making sure the garments are properly ironed or steamed, making sure there is food for the "models", etc.

The day of the shoot was a bit hectic early on with finishing touches on the "studio" set up, getting the models organized, and getting the outfits picked out. Amy took over the wardrobe aspect of the shoot while Michael and I adjusted the lighting and camera settings. We eventually got started and there was a steady flow and the shoot began to resemble a professional one. There was always a model on the set striking a pose for the shots, one on deck, and two in wardrobe changing into the next outfit. A constant rotation of models and apparel. We moved through almost all of 20+ of our garments and their multiple variations in a matter of 3.5 hours.

Overall, the shoot was a successful and fun one that we got to share with good friends and supporters. There was much that was learned from this first one and we're looking forward to our next one once we put out some new apparel.

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