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What does "Greater than my PR" Mean?


Let's begin by defining it. The "PR" in Greater than my PR means Personal Record, so the full name of our brand is Greater than my Personal Record. Personal record is one's personal best at something, ie. race time, lift, WOD time, etc. Now that we've defined it's literal meaning, let's move to what it means to us.

Greater than my PR, to us, means that you are never satisfied with where you are at. You are consistently achieving your goals and setting new goals to better yourself in whatever aspect of your life, whether it be in sports, workouts/lifting, or in your everyday life. By, everyday life, we mean in your career or relationships that you've built.

When we first started out we asked a good friend of ours what "Greater than my PR" meant to them, and her response couldn't have been more spot on. She said:

"I'm always looking to progress...Plateauing is my worst fear."

In our opinion, plateauing should be everyone's worst fear. There is always room for progress in everything we do.

Are you "Greater than my PR"? If you believe you are, then let people know by wearing this gear proudly.

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